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Typing Interview (90 minutes). Many find that online tests leave them confused about
their Type. The Typing Interview alleviates much of this confusion by allowing you to
ask questions and process your unique patterns and motivations with me—a trained
Enneagram coach.

Coaching Follow-up #1 (55 minutes). The first follow-up session provides an in-depth
review of your Type. The session digs deeper into the traits of your Type and is designed
to answer your specific questions.

Coaching Follow-up #2 (55 minutes). This session explores the relationships between
Types, particularly those Types that have direct connection with your Type. We examine
Enneagram Wings and the Lines.

Coaching Follow-up #3 (55 minutes). This session examines the various growth paths
for your Type. We’ll explore specific applications of the Enneagram wisdom to help you
move toward a richer, more effective pattern of living. This session identifies the

  • The habitual emotional patterns of your Type

  • The defense mechanism of your Type

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