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Package Three is designed for those who are confident that they can identify the Type they lead with. We dive directly into applying the Enneagram wisdom in the following areas:

Coaching Session #1 (55 minutes). This session provides an in-depth review of your Type. The session digs deeper into the traits of your Type and is designed to answer your
specific questions.

Coaching Session #2 (55 minutes). This session explores the relationships between Types, particularly those Types that have direct connection with your Type. We examine Enneagram Wings and the Lines.

Coaching Session #3 (55 minutes). This session examines the various growth paths for your Type. We’ll explore specific applications of the Enneagram wisdom to help you move toward a richer, more effective pattern of living. This session identifies the

  • The habitual emotional patterns of your Type

  • The defense mechanism of your Type

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