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The story of Transmuto being a nonprofit

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


Would you be surprised to learn that Transmuto is a nonprofit?

I’d love to tell you the story why.

Prior to launching Transmuto, I invested over 30 years in pastoral ministry. I witnessed the gamut of the church experience. While I had many wonderful experiences providing pastoral support and guidance, I became increasingly aware of the limitations that came with being a pastor of a local congregation.

People often confided that they shied away from involvement in church, including talking with the pastor, because of their background. They didn’t know enough about God or the Bible. They were unfamiliar with traditions and rituals. They didn’t feel comfortable showing up on Sunday mornings. They worried they would not be accepted because of their appearance or reputation.

Even today, most concerning to me are those who have become disenfranchised from the church. Sexual orientation, struggles with addiction, not aligning with the political persuasion, honest questions and doubts about God lead many to conclude the welcome mat has been pulled out from under them.

They sense they don’t belong and are not accepted.

Yet they express a hunger for the spiritual. They find Jesus compelling. They want to grow and develop as human beings. They want to belong. They seek answers. They long for a spiritual companion.

They see themselves as spiritual refugees.

Decades of ministry experience and developing my own spiritual journey have combined to shape the philosophy and conviction expressed in Transmuto’s mission statement, “We help people find their path to happiness, hope and wholeness.”

Transmuto exists to provide a home for the spiritual refugees–a safe place of acceptance and belonging–that meets them where they are on their journey. Furthermore, it’s a safe place where they get to define what their journey looks like.

Pastoral care and spiritual guidance promote the health of individuals, families, and communities. Pastoral care is often the first line of help and defense that people turn to in time of need. Whether making pivotal life decisions or responding to a crisis, pastoral care and guidance fill a crucial role for people who are hurting.

This is my life calling.

My vision for creating Transmuto is to provide such pastoral services to all. There are several facets of our work.

First, we provide training and coaching for spiritual formation and personal development. The primary tool we utilize is the personality typing system known as the Enneagram.

Second, we provide pastoral guidance and spiritual wisdom for those wanting to develop life skills and relational effectiveness from a faith basis.

Third, we offer pastoral care for those experiencing life crisis and loss. We extend a lifeline when life circumstances overwhelm and disorient. In these heightened times of vulnerability, a listening ear of grace, compassion and wisdom is especially crucial.

● Sam’s best friend recently died unexpectedly. I’ve been meeting with Sam, providing spiritual companionship, walking with him through his grief.

● Sarah is a single-mom whose only child is leaving for college. Sarah feels lost and needs pastoral guidance in defining her next stage of life.

● Mike served many years as a pastor. He got caught in the crosshairs of a power struggle in his church and was suddenly terminated, leaving Mike disillusioned and confused. It also left him financially strapped. He needs compassionate, wise support from someone who's been through the battles to help him put back the pieces of his faith and calling.

Back to our original question–why the nonprofit route? Unfortunately, many cannot afford the added financial burden that other professional services incur, especially in times of crisis.

Having pastoral care and spiritual guidance readily accessible in such times without the added pressure of financial stress can be a game-changer for people who are suffering.

The nonprofit format allows Transmuto to provide all these services. While we have fees for workshops, training and coaching, we also make our services available to all, regardless of financial status.

My heart is to make pastoral care and spiritual guidance available to those who can and CANNOT afford it.

Furthermore, as a nonprofit we have the opportunity to provide our services to all, regardless of creed, background, sexual orientation, church membership, etc. People are free to receive help without the expectation, whether spoken or unspoken, to adhere to certain doctrines or join a church.

When compassionate people, like you, give generously toward the mission of Transmuto, you are accepting the invitation to participate in this calling with me. Your support provides scholarships for workshops and subsidizes pastoral services for people in need. You help provide the funds necessary to continue serving with excellence and effectiveness. Will you accept this invitation by making a gift that will provide help to someone in need?

A gift of $25 will help provide a scholarship for 1 person, and if you sign up to make a monthly recurring gift, you’ll help to change a life each and every month.

You can give now by finding the "donate" tab in the website and follow the prompts.

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